Our Technology.

The Gaming Lens easily applies directly to your monitor over your crosshair in FPS-games. It can be re-applied countless times, and will not leave any residue or damage your monitor.

With a progressive zoom towards the middle of your crosshair, the lens ensures that the center of your aim is the biggest, revealing the details which determines a hit or miss. Why not make the target bigger?


The Lens Storage Card is used for storing the lens when not in use, keeping the contact-surface clean. We recommend to rinse the lens with water if needed.

The Lens

Utilizing technology used in industries like space and subsea.

Our self-developed silica gel enhances the quality of the visuals displayed to the player through the lens by making a optical contact between lens and display. The gel is rigid and abrasion resistant.

The lens is made of a high refraction hard polymer which is ultra-clear and UV-resistant. This prevents the polymer from yellowing over time.


The ultra-clear lens and the layer of silica gel creates a chemical bond during production. We maximize bonding  between the lens and gel with innovative new technology.


The lens makes your targets appear bigger.

Immediately after applying…

The Gaming Lens will quickly increase your accuracy for demanding shots (long range etc.). It will be easier to see the small adjustments needed to determine a hit or miss.

If equipped for a longer period of time…

The enhanced visual feedback will make your reflexes more precise. The lens will make you more aware of why you missed a shot, so you won’t make the same mistake twice. 95% of training is subconscious.

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Shipping to the United States usually takes around 5-10 days.
Price: $6.90

Shipping to European countries usually takes around 5-10 days.
Price: $6.90

Shipping to the rest of the world usually takes around 6-12 days. We ship to all countries.
Price: $6.90

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