The Gaming Lens V2 (60mm)

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The Gaming Lens 60mm

The 60mm lens is the standard size of the three available V2 models. It is the most commonly used variant because is suitable for any normal sized monitor and gives a medium strength magnification. All the V2 lenses use our rimless design, made possible with the flexible lens. This makes the lens blend seamlessly with the monitor.


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The 60mm V2 lens is the allround option. It gives a decent strength magnification and is what most people would prefer. This lens works with the broadest selection of monitors and gives great results both through training and in matches.

The Gaming Lens V2 60mm
The Gaming Lens V2 60mm

Other sizes available:

Technical specification:

Described: Flexible hybrid materials lens
Consists: Polymer shell, optical silica gel, lens coatings 
(anti scratch, anti static, anti reflective)
Does: Surface gripping, optical bonding, abrasion resistance, 
radial magnification.
Technical: 50/60/70mm, 92% transmittance at 5 mm, 
refractive index 1.5, ROC 37.5 mm

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The Gaming Lens

50mm + 60mm

Combine a 50mm lens with the best selling 60mm model to get more value!



The Gaming Lens V2

60mm + 70mm

Combine a 70mm lens with the best selling 60mm model to get more value!



The Gaming Lens

50mm+ 60mm + 70mm

Combine all three models to own a complete set of the V2 series and receive a special gift. Best value!