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The Gaming Lens

The Xaylon technology enhances performance and precision in computer FPS-games. The lens is based on increasing the size of your targets by mounting an ultra-clear lens over your in-game crosshair. By making your targets appear bigger, it is much easier to perform demanding shots like long-range headshots. The effect will over time make your aim more precise.

The Gaming Lens mounts to any monitor.  You simply attach it to your monitor when playing FPS games, and store it on the Lens Storage Card when your are not gaming.

The lens optically enlarges your crosshair, making your targets appear bigger.

Immediately after applying, the Gaming Lens will quickly increase your accuracy in demanding shots (long range etc.). It will be easier to see the small adjustments needed to determine a hit or miss.

Customer Feedback​

Customer Satisfaction

– Very happy with both the quality and the effect of this product.

Adam Danger

Our technology revolves around seamlessly improving performance and training in gaming. This is achieved with high-quality optical products.

Xaylon was founded in late 2017 in Stavanger, Norway, and has since become a global brand. We are on a mission to continuously improve your gaming performance.

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Our mission is to continuously improve your gaming accuracy., performance.