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Frequently Asked Questions

The shipping time varies depending on your location. Shipping to Europe and the United States usually takes 5-10 days. Shipping to the rest of the world takes around 6-12 days.

Yes, the product is very durable. It can be reapplied countless times.

Not online. There is no way to detect the lens digitally. However in LAN style tournament events you should ask the establishment.

Kinda. If you’re not playing on a 30¨+ tv it will have some effect. However if the games you are playing have a lot of aim assist there isn’t too much room for personal improvement for your fine precision.

No, it is completely safe for the monitor.

Not often, the gel is hard and is not actually sticky at all. We include the storage card simply to stop dust from settling on the contact surface in between uses. It can easily be rinsed with water.

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